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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog

Women's Leadership Global Perspective (Graduate Certificate)

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Women's Leadership in a Global Perspective Certificate (WLGPOnline)

This program, which is taught entirely online, focuses on the careful study of (1) governmental structures and political processes around the world in a comparative perspective and through a gender lens; (2) the effects of structures, processes, and public policies on women; (3) the formation and implementation of public policies relevant to women; and (4) the roles women have played, as well as the need for their greater involvement, in politics and policy formulation and implementation.

The courses in this program are designed to educate current and future women leaders on how best to address issues of concern to women in different countries and reduce gender inequalities worldwide. Through educational and experiential opportunities that reflect the cultures and values of each cohort of women from a variety of countries who participate in the program, the curriculum will enhance the leadership skills and ability to influence public policy of each student, thereby preparing her to take on a leadership role within the political structure of her country.

The program provides students with the theoretical knowledge necessary to evaluate the status of women internationally with a lens that is cognizant of the social, cultural, political, and economic conditions of women around the world. The curriculum also equips graduates with the skills and tools necessary to assess the potential for women’s increased leadership within a comparative perspective and offers concrete skills in strategizing how to improve opportunities for women in their home countries.

Certificate Requirements

Successful completion of all six courses (see below for full descriptions) with a 3.0 GPA is required to gain the graduate certificate from the University of Massachusetts Boston and receive 18 graduate credits. Courses are taught entirely online with lectures, readings, video, threaded discussions, group projects, and other activities that engage students in a dynamic and active learning environment.

The six required courses are taught in pairs that blend theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world skill building. Students take two courses per semester beginning in the fall with Understanding the Political System Worldwide and Women’s Leadership in a Global Perspective. In the spring semester, students take Public Policy Analysis of Women’s Issues: A Global Perspective (PUBADM 642 ) and Gender and Dispute Resolution around the World (PUBADM 643 ). Finally, during the summer semester, the program culminates with Women and Public Policy Decision Making in a Global Perspective and Women Gaining Appointed/Elected Public Office: A Global Perspective (PUBADM 647 ).

Each course emphasizes the skills necessary to be an effective advocate for women, manager of a nongovernmental organization (NGO), policy maker, and/or appointed/elected official. Students learn how to leverage their leadership skills to (1) advocate for women’s issues in their home countries and around the world; (2) influence public policies that affect women; (3) gain access to appointed and/or elected office; and (4) resolve conflicts at the organizational, tribal, local, and national level.

Admissions Requirements

Please see the general statement of admission requirements for all graduate programs in the “Admissions ” section of this publication. Minimum requirements include a BA/ BS degree or its equivalent, two letters of recommendation, a TOEFL score that satisfies university requirements, and a personal or telephone interview. Advanced undergraduates or other qualified individuals may enroll in one or more courses only with permission of the instructor and program director. The technical requirements for distance learning may be found at http://ccde.umb.edu/dl/faq/techreq.html. For more information about the program, please email or call

Program Director
Women’s Leadership in a Global
Perspective Program
Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston MA 02125-3393
Phone: 617.287.5541
Email: cwppp@umb.edu

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