Jan 26, 2021  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Management Requirements for Bachelor of Science

​Course reuse: No more than two courses may be shared between majors. No more than one course may be shared between a major and a minor.

General Education & Foundation

See General Education  for an overview for the curriculum including how to search for courses that meet general education categories .

Note: For College of Management students, at least four courses from areas of knowledge and non-business foundations must be at the 200-level or higher.

Critical Analysis

Students transferring in 30 or more credits do not have to complete a first year seminar.

Students in the Honors College will fulfill this requirement with HONORS 101 - Honors First-year Seminar .

Writing Proficiency

Areas of Knowledge

  • Two Arts (AR) and/or Humanities (HU)
  • Two Social and Behavioral Science (SB)
  • Two Natural Sciences (NS) and/or Math/Technology (MT)
  • One World Languages (WL)* or World Cultures (WC)

* The World Languages requirement is fulfilled by completion of the second semester elementary-level (102) course in a foreign language or higher OR by completion of an intensive elementary-level foreign language course.


  • One United States Diversity or International Diversity

Non-Business Electives

At least 60 credits (usually 20 courses) of non-business electives must be taken for the degree. General education and foundation courses can be included in this requirement.

International Management

Take one course from the list below: