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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MATH 140 - Calculus I

4 Credit(s) | Lecture |
Course can be counted for credit once

The first in the sequence of calculus courses for science and math majors. Starts with the basic concepts of functions and limits. Topics covered include: derivatives and their applications, definite and indefinite integrals with applications to geometric and physical problems, and discussion of algebraic and transcendental functions. Note: MATH 134  or MATH 135  does NOT satisfy the pre-requisites for MATH 140. Therefore students who complete MATH 134  or 135  will have to take and pass the math placement test to get into Calculus I. Additionally, students who have received credit for either MATH 134  or MATH 135  may not take MATH 140 for credit without the explicit permission of the department and then only for two credits.

Course Attribute(s):
Distribution Area: Mathematics and Technology

Enrollment Requirements:
Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score or MATH 130  with a grade of B or better in the previous semester.