May 19, 2019  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Trustees and Administrative Officers



Trustees of the University

Victor Woolridge, Chair

Ruben J. King-Shaw, Jr., MIB, Vice Chair

Maria D. Furman, CFA, Vice Chair; Chair, Audit  Committee

James R. Buonomo, Chair, Committee on Administration and Finance

Richard P. Campbell, JD, Vice Chair, Advancement Committee

Lawrence M. Carpman

Edward W. Collins, Jr., Vice Chair, Audit Committee

David G. Fubini, MBA

Philip W. Johnston, Chair, University of Massachusetts Building Authority; Vice Chair, Governance Committee

Alyce J. Lee, Chair, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs

Jacob D. Miller, Student, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Jeffrey B. Mullan, JD, Chair, Compensation Committee

Nolan M. O’Brien, Voting Student, University of Massachusetts Boston

Emily C. O’Neil, Voting Student,  University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kerri E. Osterhaus-Houle, MD, Vice Chair, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs

R. Norman Peters, JD, Chair, Advancement Committee

James A. Peyser, Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Amanda Robinson, Student, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Yevin Roh

Henry M. Thomas III, JD

Margaret D. Xifaras, JD

Zunilka M. Barrett, Secretary to the Board of Trustees


Except for the Student Trustees, all appointments are made by the Governor.

(As of 8/15)


Administrative Officers

University of Massachusetts

Martin Meehan, MPA, JD, President


University of Massachusetts Boston

J. Keith Motley, Chancellor

Winston Langley, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Christopher Hogan, Chief of Staff

Theresa Mortimer, Assistant Chancellor

Gail DiSabatino, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Lisa Johnson, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Edward M. Lambert, Jr., Vice Chancellor for Government Relations and Public Affairs

Ellen M. O’Connor, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

Charlie Titus, Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation, Special Programs, and Projects

David Cash, Dean, John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies

Philip DiSalvio, Dean, College of Advancing and Professional Studies

Andrew Grosovsky, Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

Jorge Haddock, Dean, College of Management

Robyn Hannigan, Dean, School for the Environment

William Kiernan, Dean, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development

Marion Winfrey, Interim Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Stephanie Hartwell, Interim Dean, College of Public and Community Service

Felicia L. Wilczenski, Interim Dean, College of Education and Human Development

Daniel Ortiz-Zapata, Dean of University Libraries

Rajini Srikanth, Dean, Honors College

David Terkla, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Joan Becker, Vice Provost for Academic Support Services

Ira A. Jackson, Vice Provost for Economic Planning/Resources and Special Projects

Schuyler S. Korban, Vice Provost and Director of the Office of Global Programs

Robert Weir, Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Zong-Guo Xia, Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

Kristy Alster, Associate Provost

Peter Langer, Associate Provost

Emily McDermott, Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty

Becky Hsu, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Sue Wolfe, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget and Financial Planning

Steven Neville, Special Assistant to the Chancellor

James Hughes, Associate Provost for Institutional Research

DeWayne Lehman, Director of Communications

Georgianna Meléndez, Interim Chief Diversity Officer