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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog

Leadership in Education

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Joseph W. Check, PhD, Tufts University

  • Language, Literacy, and Writing
  • Practitioner Inquiry
  • Leadership for School Change

Carol Colbeck, PhD, Stanford University

  • How Organizational and Disciplinary Contexts Effect Faculty Work
  • Teaching and Learning in STEM Education

Jay Dee, PhD, University of Iowa

  • Organizational Change
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Leadership
  • Community Colleges
  • Policy Studies

Glenn Gabbard, EdD, University of Massachusetts Boston

  • Organizational Change
  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Access and Retention of Underserved Student Populations

Dwight Giles, PhD, Pennsylvania State University

  • Service Learning
  • Community Development
  • Action Research
  • Higher Education Reform

Judith Gill, PhD, University of Michigan

  • Higher Education Public Policy Development, Implementation and Analysis
  • State Governance and Coordinating Structures
  • Higher Education Performance Measurement

Charisse Gulosino, PhD, Columbia University

  • K-12 Education Policy
  • Finance and Governance
  • School Choice
  • Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Tricia Kress, PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center

  • Socio-cultural Contexts of Education
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Critical Pedagogy

Jack Leonard, EdD, Boston University

  • Urban School Leadership
  • School Reform
  • School-Community Partnerships
  • Cultural Reform Models
  • History of Educational Reform

Samuel D. Museus, PhD, Pennsylvania State University

  • Access and Success Among Under-Represented College Students
  • Campus Environment
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology

Tara L. Parker, PhD, New York University

  • Access, Equity, and Diversity in Higher Education
  • Higher Education Policy
  • Impact of Policy on Student-of-Color Experiences and Outcomes

John Saltmarsh, PhD, Boston University
(Director of the New England Resource Center for Higher Education [NERCHE])

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Service-Learning
  • Civic Mission of Higher Education
  • Institutional Change

Katalin Szelenyi, PhD, University of California

  • STEM Education
  • Globalization
  • Academic Capitalism
  • History of Higher Education

Wenfan Yan, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo

  • Research Methods
  • Large Scale Data Analysis
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Comparative Education

The Programs

UMass Boston’s College of Education and Human Development’s Department of Leadership in Education offers EdDs and PhDs in both higher education and urban education, leadership, and policy studies. Both link research and principles of leadership to the needs and experiences of practitioners. Higher education prepares students for positions of leadership in higher education. The EdD and PhD in urban education, leadership, and policy studies (formerly leadership in urban schools) respond to a growing demand to educate highly-trained professionals in K-12 education who, while familiar with the practice of K-12 educational administration, also possess a deep understanding of research methodology and the theoretical foundations underlying K-12 education and leadership practices. Both seek applicants who can demonstrate:

  • a distinguished record of accomplishments in the field of education, particularly through reform initiatives;
  • a sustained interest in the culture, structure, and operation of educational institutions, in new approaches to administration and policy development, and in the nature and purpose of learning and teaching;
  • the potential for academic success, especially in analytic writing and basic research skills;
  • a desire to provide leadership for change in educational institutions;
  • personal commitment to completing the program in a timely manner.




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