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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2015-2016 Graduate Catalog

Welcome to UMass Boston’s Online Graduate Course Catalog

The University of Massachusetts Boston online catalog is the most authoritative and complete source of information about courses and graduate programs. It lets you find the information you need in several convenient ways.

Course Descriptions

If you wish to find a particular course description, you can click on the Course Descriptions link in the navigation bar on the left and search by:

  • department
  • course number
  • course prefix
  • keywords

Program Information

There are two ways to locate information about specific master’s, PhD, and certificate programs.

To go directly to specific degree requirements and admissions requirements, click on “Graduate Programs” in the navigation bar on the left. Programs are listed in alphabetical order.

You can also click on “Colleges and Departments” in the navigation bar on the left. Colleges are listed alphabetically. Scroll down to the college or school in which your program is located. Programs are listed alphabetically within the college. For degree requirements and admissions information, click on the degree you are interested in. For a list of department faculty and general information about a department, click on “Go to information for [name of department].” An alphabetical list of degrees offered by a department will also appear at the bottom of this page.

General Information

Links to information on financial aid and assistantships, academic policies, grant support, and general information about the university are found under the appropriate headings in the navigation bar on the left.