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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDC G 634 - Introduction to Game-Based Teaching

3 Credit(s) | Lecture | Graded
Course can be counted for credit once

The primary objective in this course is for students to design their own curricular game by incorporating techniques from video games. In doing so, students will use a wide range of software tools to make thinking visible such as concept mapping and comic strip creation tools; use technologies to uncover, discover, represent, redesign, and experiment with systems including tools to design diagrams and flowcharts; use technologies such as googledocs, googleforms, and wikis to collaborate in designing new products; use technologies to maximize accessibility and usability for all by addressing the needs of English Language Learners and students with special needs and repurpose technology tools such as video editing tools, spreadsheets, presentation software, social media, animation software, and word processing tools to teach problem-solving skills in a gaming environment. In the process, students will develop criteria for evaluating pedagogical uses of video games; examine the legal, ethical, and moral issues surrounding pedagogical uses of technologies; and make the argument for the pedagogical soundness of their own curricular game. Students will use rigorous playtesting to revise their curricular game and write a teaching implementation plan which will include how their curricular game teaches, assesses, and adjusts to student needs. Lastly, students will help a k-12 teacher outside of class develop his or her own curricular game.