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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Linguistics (MA)

Program Requirements

Complete 30 credits from ten courses including five core courses, three concentration courses, and two electives.

Concentration: Students must choose a concentration in ESL and bilingual studies or foreign language pedagogy.
Capstone: Successful completion of a four-hour written comprehensive exam after completion of all required coursework. By invitation of faculty, students may complete a thesis for their capstone.
Practicum and field experience: Complete either a field experience or practicum.

Students in either concentration may earn their degree online through the Continuing and Professional Studies .

Residency: No more than twelve credits may be transferred in and applied toward the program electives; six credits from non-degree graduate study at UMass Boston and six credits of graduate course work from another institution. All transfer courses must be earned within seven years of program matriculation, have a grade of B or higher, be approved by the graduate program director and Graduate Studies, and not have been used to fulfill requirements for another degree.
Statute of limitations: Four years.

Course Requirements

Concentration Courses (9 Credits)

Take three courses from one of the concentrations below.


Electives (6 Credits)

Complete two additional APLING courses.

Students also have the option to take two courses as electives in related disciplines that complement their specialization.

Practicum and Field Experience

Students working to obtain solely MA degree are required to complete a Field Experience (APLING 690 ). The MA field experience requirement may be satisfied through teaching language in university undergraduate ESL classes, in a public school system, or at a community agency. The field experience requirement may be waived for students with significant onsite teaching experience (paid teaching, supervised student teaching, supervised teaching in an adult social or educational agency), and substituted with another elective course.

The student-teaching practicum (APLING 698 ) is required of MA students pursuing Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) PK-12 ESL licensure in addition to their MA degree. The ESL licensure student-teaching practicum cannot be waived. Students working to obtain MA state licensure must student-teach in a PK-12 public school ESL/Sheltered English setting for one full semester.

Licensure in French as a Foreign Language from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Students wishing to pursue licensure from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in French as a foreign language should shoos a concentration in Foreign Language Pedagogy and choose the following courses when selecting electives. Students will complete six additional credits of coursework beyond the requirements for the degree.

  • 1 - 6 Credit(s) Topic: French Applied Linguistics
  • 3 - 6 Credit(s)

  • Three of the following:

    • FRENCH 464 - Roman Du 20e Siecle  3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 465 - 20th Century French Theater 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 305 - 20th/21st Century French and Francophone Literature 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 490 - Special Topics 3 Credit(s) Topic: France/Maghreb


    • FRENCH 307 - French and Francophone Popular Culture 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 480 - Images of Otherness in French and Francophone Literature 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 304 - French Conversation 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 306L - Introduction to French Cinema (in French) 3 Credit(s) 


    • FRENCH 301 - Composition et stylistique 3 Credit(s)
    • FRENCH 411 - Theme et version 3 Credit(s)